I've Got Nothing To Hide Campaign




The I've Got Nothing To Hide Campaign was launched by Vedette Shapewear to help women around the globe feel more confident about themselves and love their body more than anything else, and to pull them out of the shadows of stereotypes and prove they have nothing to hide.

Vedette sees shapewear as a tool to help women get out of their comfort zones and dare to try new outfits without doubts about whether they will look good in it - to be themselves and be proud no matter what they wear - and to let women see that being sexy is not about achieving that slim so-called "perfect" body, but rather about embracing your own body shape and so-called "imperfections". 

Shapewear are made to enhance and highlight a woman's body and help boost a woman's confidence in the process. Shapewear does not hide or mask a woman's assets or natural figure: it helps improve and show off her best silhouette!

Vedette Shapewear are not your ordinary shapewear. They are made with the perfect combination of the compression of shapewear and the beauty of lingerie. They are so beautiful that you don't have to hide them underneath your clothing.  They can also be worn as an outerwear - a fashionable piece to complete your look!

Fashion bloggers across the globe unite to bring inspiration to other and dare them to step out of their comfort zones. The challenge is to wear a Vedette shapewear either as an outerwear or beneath their outfits, and show their blog readers they have nothing to hide!

Emily wearing a Juliane Corset

Cymone wearing a Floriana Corset

Charlotte wearing an Evonne Corset